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Updated November 10, 2009

PETER MILLER, PRESIDENT The Literary Lion, Peter Miller

Known as the literary lion, Peter Miller has been an extraordinarily active literary   and  film manager for more than thirty years. He is President of PMA Literary and   Film Management, Inc. and Millennium Lion, Inc.; he and his company have  successfully managed more than 1,000 books worldwide, as well as dozens of   motion picture and television properties. These works include eleven New York   Times Bestsellers, and fourteen produced films that Miller has managed or   executive produced. Three of those films have been nominated for Emmy Awards: Goodbye, Miss Fourth of July (The Disney Channel, with four nominations); A Gift of Love (Showtime, two nominations); and Helter Skelter (CBS, one nomination).   In addition, Miller has a number of film and television projects currently in active development, with some nearing production, in association with Warner Bros. Features, Warner Bros. Television, Paramount/DreamWorks, HBO, and many other producers and production companies.

Miller has now created a series of live Web events to teach authors of all kinds how to develop authors’ careers and potential success in the publishing, motion picture and television industries.

Three different programs are being offered within the framework of the Webinar package focusing on fiction, non-fiction and motion picture and television productions. Note all Webinars attendees are required to read Peter Miller’s book, Author Screenwriter in advance of any sessions and the book will be supplied free as an e-book to all students.  If any student signs up for all three Web events they will also receive a copy of Peter Miller’s film, Author! Screenwriter!



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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines
  1. Query letters must first be sent (either by mail, fax, or e-mail) before any material can be considered. PMA strongly prefers email queries. It may take up to 6 months to respond to a paper query. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS!
  2. ANY unsolicited material will be discarded, no exceptions.
  3. PMA will ONLY respond to the query letters if you include a SASE or e-mail address.
  4. Should PMA request your material, you must enclose an appropriate SASE if you want it returned to you. If we pass on your project and you have not enclosed an SASE, all materials will be discarded, no exceptions.
  5. When submitting a manuscript that PMA has requested, always include a detailed synopsis and any other relevant information, even if it was included in your original query.

If you are looking for a manager for your Novel, Non-Fiction Book or Screenplay, we would be happy to consider a query letter from you via snail mail or e-mail. Letters should include basic information about your project (title, premise, length), and a brief paragraph on your background and future goals. Please also include a one-page synopsis of the work, which captures the main idea, plot and themes. Always include a self-addressed stamped envelope for our reply, and an additional envelope or box for any materials you wish to have returned to you. Please note that postage meters are only valid on the date of issue. If you query us via e-mail, please insert all information in the body of your e-mail, as we do not download attached files.

Rest assured we’re as eager to find new writing talent as you are to be discovered, so please know that we’re working as fast as we can to respond to your work. Calls confirming receipts of query letters or manuscripts tend to slow us down. If you’d like formal confirmation that we have received your work, we suggest you use Registered or Certified Mail.

Our address and contact information is available in the Contact Us section of this Web site.

Based on your initial query letter and synopsis, our office may request sample chapters, your manuscript in its entirety, your nonfiction proposal or your completed screenplay. If your work is under consideration by another agency or management company, we ask that you let us know at that time.

Please take note of the following: PMA does not consider unfinished Novels. If you are a fiction writer, please do not query us until your book is complete and available for review.

PMA is happy to consider Non-Fiction Book Proposals as well as completed works. In preparing your proposal, it may be helpful to review PMA’s Guidelines. Click here if you would like to see those Guidelines.

Screenplays & Television Proposals
Please take note of the following: PMA does not consider unfinished Screenplays. If you are a Screenwriter, please do not query us until your script is complete and available for review.

PMA is only interested in reviewing pitches for original Screenplays have major studio commercial potential. Most of the motion picture, television and cable projects that PMA manages and develops are based on books or original screenplays We do not manage episodic television scripts.

PMA’s goal is to represent professional authors who write cutting edge narrative Non-Fiction or Literary and Commercial Fiction that has global marketing potential and motion picture and/or television potential. PMA’s sister company, Millennium Lion, Inc. often arranges co-productions with established production companies, studios, or cable companies to produce adaptations or original Screenplays.

Though we expect writers to go by the standard rule of exclusive submissions, if, by chance, the work you submitted to us is also under consideration by another agency or management company, please let us know the status of that relationship as soon as it begins.

The Review Process

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us to learn more about PMA. If you are a writer wishing to query us about your project, please be sure to read the important information regarding our submissions policy in the Guidelines section.

Our address is:

PMA Literary & Film Management, Inc.
45 West 21st Street
Suite 4SW
New York, NY 10010

We also have a PO Box for packages. It is checked daily:

PMA Literary & Film Management, Inc.
PO Box 1817
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113

And, of course, you can always phone, fax or e-mail:

Phone: 212-929-1222

Fax: 212-206-0238

Email Us:

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*We do not accept ANY e-mail attachments.


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