Nikki Torino, busting out of the seams!

Is more than a handful really a waste?  What is more than a handful anyway?  What does that even mean?  Nikki Torino looks to be more than a handful no matter how you define it.  Attitude, breasts, attitude…….  Not saying she has a bad attitude but she does appear to be spunky.  Damn, spunky, now I sound like a dirty old man.  I heard on the radio the rule of thumb is a man should split his age and add seven and that is the youngest woman he should date.  For me that would be 28 years old.  I guess Nikki is out, but my girlfriend probably wouldn’t let me date her anyway.  I could ask, but I doubt she would acquiesce.

The radio show didn’t say anything about women.  Not that a woman can’t date a man younger than her.  Look at Demi Moore.  She is all over her pup in training.  How old is Ashton anyway?  So Nikki Tornio is another one of our models that is all inked up as well.  I still don’t know how I feel about going all out.  I have one tattoo and admittedly enjoy it but I can’t imagine going full bore all out with the likes of what Nikki has done.  Our latest interview with Leah Jung is the same way.  She is another young model who has fully embraced the tattoo faze.

The good news is we don’t judge here on JournalStone, we just sit back and appreciate.  That being said I can appreciate both Leah and Nikki Torino no matter how many tattoos they have.  They both look smoking hot.  Damn, neither one hits my age limit though.  Hopefully our post today doesn’t get lost in the mix since the only thing on everyone’s mind is health care.  Obama finally got his wish with the new reform being passed.  Now all he has to do is sign the damn thing and we have a new law, for better or worse.

For better or worse might be going through the mind of Big Ben as well.  That dude is either really having issues with women or is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.  How many women does it take crying foul before he wizens up.  According to the Pittsburgh Tribune he will meet with the commissioner again to discuss his latest altercation with a young lady.  At some point this guy either needs to grow up or make sure he knows who he is hanging out with.  My guess is it wouldn’t be Nikki Torino.  She looks to pack enough punch to kick any man’s ass that did something she didn’t want them to.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I remember late in the morning I was supposed to work out today.  The good news is I still have time.  Right after I eat my next Twinkie.  I love those damn little cream filled cakes.

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Go, Jenny Sanford, Go!

All I can say is, it’s about freakin’ time.

In all my years as an avid political observer, I’ve seen a lot of things that have frustrated me, made me angry or, flat out, disgusted me. Nothing has ticked me off more, though, that the image of the dutiful, long-suffering politician’s wife. If the saying that behind every successful man is a strong and good woman, then why do all of these ladies look and act like doormats?!

Think about it — over the past decade, what have we seen? N.J. Gov. James McGreevey resigned in 2004 after accusations that he was gay and had sexually harassed a staffer proved true. Idaho Sen. Larry Craig lost his re-election bid in 2009 after a police report that he had allegedly solicited sex in an airport bathroom came to light. N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned from office in 2008 amidst a blazing scandal in which he spent copious amounts of money on prostitutes — the irony in his case was rich.

The one constant in these cases has been the forlorn, dejected wife standing next to her husband at the podium while he apologized to the world and his family for his transgressions and asked for privacy as he tried to make amends. Give me a break. If he were my husband, you better believe I wouldn’t be standing there, and I certainly wouldn’t have had any supportive words to utter.

I can offer two exceptions to the rule — well one half exception and one full. Hillary Clinton may have stood by Bill Clinton when accusations and proof of all his affairs surfaced, but there are enough rumors floating around to make me feel pretty confident that Hillary scorched Bill’s ears on plenty of occasions. She’s also a powerful politician in her own right, and she’s thrown herself in an amazingly successful career. As a woman, I have to say, way to go, Hillary!

But, on to my true exception. Jenny Sanford. Today, her divorce from

Jenny Sanford, soon-to-be ex-wife of censured S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford.

S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford becomes final in a Charleston family court. Last year, Sanford humiliated himself, his wife, his sons and his state when he disappeared from the country on Father’s Day weekend to visit his “soulmate” mistress in Argentina. In his public confession all he did was froth off about how wonderful this woman was and how there was an instant attraction. A public “D’oh! I’m sorry” it was not.

What was missing? Yep, you guessed it. Jenny Sanford. I love it that a woman was pissed off enough and confident enough to tell her husband, “Hell no, I’m standing with you out in front of those cameras.” Mark Sanford made this mess for himself, and she let him swing in the wind by himself when he admitted it. Rock on, sistah!

Here is a woman who is setting a positive example for young women and girls everywhere. No, I not condoning divorce as a fabulous thing. But, I am condoning and promoting images of women who are strong enough to take control of their lives and not put up with the ridiculousness that “men of power” think they are entitled to create.

We don’t need to tell our little girls that they have to suffer with the indignity caused by infidelity. We don’t need to let them think that their place is to merely succumb to the whims of their husbands or partners. Our little girls should know that it’s acceptable and expected that they stand up for themselves and demand to be treated appropriately.

So, to Jenny Sanford, I say this: You might not be the warmest of women, but my hat’s off to you. Thank you for finally doing what the majority of us have wanted political wives to do for so long. Thank you for taking charge of your life and your marriage.

Most of all, thank you for showing your four young sons that real men don’t treat women the way their father has treated you. You’ve just help school-up a new generation of men.

Jessica Boughers, cheerleaders can be bad!

You have to wonder about a girl who headed to college on a soccer scholarship, and got kicked off the team for partying too much.  I wish that I was a little more involved in women’s soccer if Jessica Boughers is a typical representative.  Not saying that I love women who party.  I will let you read whatever you want into the statement.  Jessica Boughers went on to become a Washington Redskins cheerleader of all things, and is now doing modeling as a hobby.  I bet it drives women crazy when somebody can view something so casually and be so successful at the same time.

Still, if you have the natural good looks that Jessica Boughers exudes, it is no wonder she can do whatever she sets her mind to.  Assuming that she uses her other more obvious assets at the same time.  If I were blessed with assets like Jessica exudes, I might not ever leave my house.  I would probably spend most of my time in front of a mirror admiring the gifts that were so readily bestowed on my undeserving soul.  I guess that is why guys are built differently.  We just don’t possess the mental fortitude to handle certain things.

As self confident as Jessica Boughers appears, my guess is she grew up in an environment that afforded her a feeling of stability.  We all love our grandparents but those damn old people are getting into trouble it appears.  According to an article in the BBC if your kids head over to grandparents for some after school care giving, they might get more than you bargained for.  Grandparents are 34% more likely to fatten up the little toddlers than other forms of child care.  Those damn chocolate chip cookies grandmas make are killing our youth it seems.

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of an apple?  Now that we are pushing our kids to lighten up, even Grandma is getting a slap on the wrist.  I wonder if “Silent Bob’s” grandparents played a part in raising him as a toddler.  Southwest must think so since they booted the dude off one of their planes.  Kevin Smith might be famous but according to “The Dispatch”, even famous people are getting the heave ho for being obese.  Damn, I love my snack cakes and my grandma, does this mean I need to push them both off the train.

It appears that not only have the Obama’s killed capitalism in our fare country they are now trying to kill our appetites as well.  I wonder if Michelle takes her own advice and watches her waistline as much as she watches little Joey’s down the street.  I guess if we end up saving as much money as the government thinks we can by trimming the fat from our children, we can afford to buy a few more banks and hand out yearend bonuses.  Damn, is it me or does our politics seem to have gone all to hell in a bread basket, or got lost in the cake batter?  I can’t be sure.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it is nice to see cheerleaders like Jessica Boughers who can be bad girls as well.  Didn’t anyone ever wonder why “Super Girl” wore that little red skirt?  Come on dudes, she didn’t even have tights on.  Don’t tell me you didn’t have dreams of eating “Little Red Riding Hood’s” sugar cookies.

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Lana Gastello, a uniquely stunning look!

In the modern occupation of modeling, we seem to have morphed into a generic mold with our sense of style.  Not that all models look alike, but there do seem to be a few patterns where the majority fall.  The blonde bombshell is a typical version that has been around for years, and will be prevalent long after I am gone.  I am saying this not in condemnation of the look but more in appreciation.  I love gorgeous women as much as the next guy and whether it is the sultry European brunette, the all American Blonde, or one of the other patterned looks, I appreciate each and every one.

Every once in a while you find a model who fills one of the basic styles, but also brings a distinct edgy look.  Lana Gastello defines this style with a twist concept.  Something about her is varied slightly with enough of a unique flare that it caught my eye.  It might have something to do with her blended ethnicity, which we here on talk about frequently.  Try as some cultures might, we are quickly becoming a world melting pot and it won’t take many more decades to find us all meshing together as one.  At that point maybe we will have discovered aliens and can move on to warring with them versus our fellow man.

It does seem like the world is in constant turmoil.  China continually hurtles into the limelight with yet another article from the BBC voicing their concern over Obama meeting with the Dalai Lama.  What is the religious aspect that frightens so many national leaders?  The friction between ruling a country dates back to the European Kings and the Catholic leadership from hundreds of years ago.  Religion will always have its place in society but at some point if I want to use birth control then just get the hell off my back.  I guess that is why I am not a church going zealot who feasts on the dictorial doctrine shoved down so many anemic souls throats.

Still, I think we can all agree that religion has some positive aspects as well.  In so many cities where boarded up homes and recent foreclosures dominate the landscape; religion is a soft beacon of light that keeps some people moving forward.  Lana Gastello hails from the East Bay city of Stockton; which has seen more than its fair share of depressed housing prices and constant flow of displaced home owners.  Maybe I should be so bold as suggesting we raise the bar and focus on gorgeous models as our spiritual guides every Sunday morning.  If a smoking hot woman transcended the robe wearing men of God we might see a flood of new converts into the house of spiritual well being.  Just a thought, don’t kill the messenger.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it is nice to see somebody as uniquely stunning as Lana Gastello emerge from our recent bought with depression.  In my opinion she has the ability to lift the spirits of any man, even the men hailing from the little town of Stockton, CA.  Hope for all of us can be found in the enhanced bosom of a beautiful woman sharing the love and joy to all concerned; and to all a good night.  Peace out.

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Tatiana Polo VENEZUELAN Beauty

Venezuela is nestled on the Northern Coast of South America.  It is warm in the winter and damn hot in the summer.  I guess I don’t know for a fact that it is damn hot in the summer but I am guessing.  I can say that Tatiana Polo is damn hot all year round.  I love the coco colored skin of South American beauties.  I just have a soft spot since I am so pasty pale and sickly looking.  Not that I am skinny mind you.  I can be pasty, sickly and still shove multiple Twinkies in my mouth at one time.  Hey, it is a talent.  Fight fires with what God gave you is my opinion.

I am amazed at the stature of Tatiana though.  I just don’t get how some women are so blessed with that delicately perfect, curvaceous figure.  5’9″ and 120 pounds is about as good as it gets.  It really makes me wonder how I, at 5’11″, can pack on about 200 extra pounds.  I wonder if I can get on that show, how to be a fat loser.  Isn’t there some network that broadcasts that.  Now if I am in a contest and my goal was to be both a loser and fat, I would have the advantage.  Damn, I am not even sure it would be a contest.  Give me the prize right now.

Maybe there is a way I can get the Government to help me out.  If they are going to waste a few million dollars advertising the census during the Super Bowl, why can’t they float a little money my way.  It is nice that Michelle is getting all up in arms about obesity in kids. but holy shit.  Maybe if she got her husband to concentrate on our government instead of his bank buying binge, we might not have as many fat kids to begin with.  All the depressed parents sitting at home watching TV eating Twinkies can’t be good role models for their little fat rat children running around asking for a handout.  You can check out the fat kids article on CCN if you are interested.

I know that is partly my problem.  If I can get my mom back to work and the money starts coming in I will feel much better about my future.  At 43 I only have a few more years until she kicks me out and I have to get a job on my own.  What will I do then?  I still need to figure out a way to attract and keep a nice girl.  I might want to get remarried someday.  I wonder if there is any way that a gorgeous woman like Tatiana Polo would be interested in a an overweight old man who lives with his mom.

Well if she doesn’t want to step up then the joke is on her.  I have a girlfriend.  Very attractive at that.  I agree with the rest of you and have no idea why she is with me but I have learned not to question the Gods.  Just sit back, enjoy, and eat Twinkies until cream filling is squirting out your ears.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes a nut sounds a little too healthy.  “Mom, get in here and give me some donuts please.  It is 10 AM and the first dozen are gone.  I can’t drink beer until noon for some damn reason.  Thanks”

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Kelsey Scheider, Beautiful women love horses?

Kelsey Scheider is a beautiful woman and she, like most beautiful women loves horses.  I must admit it is easy to understand.  Ever since I saw that movie as a teenager with the gorgeous blonde girl riding a horse without a top or bra, I get the connection.  I love horses as well.  Granted the movie, which I for the life of me can’t remember the name of, had panty raids, beer bongs and was primarily shot in a girls sorority house.  Whew, it almost sounds like porn.  I wonder if all teenage movies are closely related to porn.  It makes sense, doesn’t it.

Horses are not the only thing that peaks the interest of Kelsey.  She travels, has studied in Australia and has a BA in theatre, with a minor in communications.  She is also married to a gorgeous man hunk that is a model as well.  Where did I go wrong in life?  Can anyone possibly tell me what is happening?  I sit in my mother’s basement and see these beautiful people all happy and successful.  Hey, wait a minute.  If I have learned on thing in life, it is this.  Money and success do not always bring happiness.  Maybe Kelsey is miserable.  Is there hope for all of us to suffer together?

Look at Obama.  He is good looking; yes I can say that even though I am a man.  He was successful.  I can’t really say that now.  Since he has been President he seems to be doing his best to run the country into the toilet.  It is only a matter of time before he flushes, and we all take a trip down the sewer.  Stop whining people.  I might be a Republican but I voted for the Socialist.  I just didn’t have any idea at the time he would attempt to conquer our own country.  Doesn’t he know that he works for the United States?  Can’t he choose another country to destroy?

Maybe now that Obama has met with the Daili Lama he will find peace.  He won’t find it with China though.  Those dudes don’t like the Lama.  I guess  Lama man doesn’t believe in tossing little girl babies down the river, and those Chinese guys can’t relate.  Whatever happened to playing nice, picking on somebody your own size and treating your neighbor like a bastard step child that has stolen your favorite GI Joe.  Wait, that last one seems a little out of place.  Maybe would could nominate Obama for the Prime Minister role, in China.  We might be better served.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I think about going for a run.  Kelsey Scheider likes running as well.  I guess we veer in different directions when it comes to actually doing the running.  I might think about it but then I grab a Twinkie and change my mind.  I am betting she actually runs.  Damn, foiled again.  That rascally rabbit.

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Shannon Kay Richards can ring my Cow Bell.

Shannon Richards loves long horns.  Being from Texas, she openly admits to watching young men in their twenties running around trying to grab each other.  You have to love a woman who is true to her roots.  Not saying that she is a natural blonde but she does declare her oversized knockers are 100% hers from birth.  Now I won’t judge one way or the other until I can give you a firsthand assessment.  I am just not sure that Shannon would be willing to let me check them out.  Damn, I know my girlfriend would have a few issues with it.

So Shannon likes the Texas Longhorns and dressing up in multiple kinky outfits.  For me this is the ultimate combination for love, happiness, and a long fruitful life.  I wonder why so many models continue to state they are not looking for love and are only interested in work.  It seems that you could put the two together and get the best of both worlds.  Wait a minute.  That sounds like selling your soul down the river for a few trinkets.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  I seem to have misplaced my soul several years ago.  If anyone finds it, please shoot me an e-mail at

Talk about losing your soul.  They are talking about moving the trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed out of New York since security would be such a problem.  I guess the cost of a fare trial is astronomical because a few people out there would like to see the man dead.  On one side it would save a lot of money by just snuffing the dude out quickly.  On the other side it would make us no better than him if we just offed him.  Everyone should get a fare shake.  Now if he were to suffer from an accidental death like being shot, or ran over by a New York City cab a few times, that would be different.

Accidents happen in New York all the time.  I wonder what would go down if we sent him to Texas for a trial.  Does that mean if he is found guilty he would be executed?  Those Texans do like shooting their wad all at one time.  Damn, if we put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on TV and televised his death that would raise millions.  Still wouldn’t pay for all the damage these dudes caused but would at least be some form of retribution.  I still wonder why we can’t all get along.  I have a Buddha sitting outside my house.  Can’t we all just play nice?

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I wake up wanting to ride the pony.  I wonder if Shannon Richards likes ponies.  Is there any way we can ask her.  There is nothing in the world that can match a good pony ride.

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Chrissy Marie – OMG, Can anyone be Hotter?

Every time I think I am out, they pull me right back in.  Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water.  Damn, for three days in a row I continue to think I can’t find a model that is any hotter than the last one, only to have another one pop up.  Chrissy Marie is so smoking hot, I just had to get up out of bed and turn the heat down.  You might think that I am crazy but I am dead serious.  The sad thing is you have no idea what it takes for me to pull my fat ass out of bed.  I am going to hire a crane to help give me a boost after this morning’s breakfast of HoHo’s and Twinkies.

Setting aside my personal issues, Chrissy Marie is very impressive.  We are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces and I would be willing to bet that Chrissy Marie will be going someplace.  Shit, I can guarantee she will be going, someplace.  I have no idea where but we all go somewhere. is now working on setting up some interviews with a few of our highlighted models so stay tuned.  If I can ever get one of these girls to call me back that is.  Why is it so difficult to call a fat old man in a trench coat when he is simply asking a question?  What did I ever do wrong?

It isn’t like I shot down somebody in cold blood.  Scott Roeder seems to have some issues in that area.  CNN has an article discussing his guilty verdict and the dude sounds a little off kilter.  I have a question for all of you people who don’t believe in abortions.  Why is it ok to kill a doctor that gives abortions but it isn’t ok to end the life of a baby that isn’t even born yet?  Better yet, if the world is so overpopulated now, and heading for a disastrous proliferation of human beings soon, how can we handle babies that are not even wanted?

Better yet, who died and left you in charge?  Who are you to tell women what they can or can’t do with their bodies?  Not that I am pro-abortion mind you.  Not that I am anti-abortion either.  I am just saying at some point is an eye for an eye really the way to go.  In that case we should go out to Scott Roeder’s jail cell and blow him away.  If we truly believe in the sonic boom of justice then should we kill the guy that killed Scott Roeder?  Where does it end?  Unless somebody kills him or herself we will be blowing each other up until we are all gone.

Jesus, what happened to me?  It is almost like I wrote something I care about.  That was freaking me out.  Can we please get back to Chrissy Marie being hot?  Now that is something that makes my blood boil.  Literally.  In a good way.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I am not sure if sharing too much is ok.  Should I tone it down or is anyone even reading this?  Hello, McFly?  Can you hear me?  Mom, is that you.  Leave my door closed mom.  I am an adult now.  Go fix me some pancakes please.

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Susie Addison makes it to Playboy February 2, 2010.

If your lifelong dream is to get your picture in Playboy then by all means go for it.  If you look like Susie Addison my only surprise is why it took so long.  Dude, if I was running Playboy this girl would have been front and center a while back.  Now after getting married and popping out two kids she finally gets to the hot housewives addition.  I don’t get how some women can look like this after two kids and some women see their bodies drop so far that their breasts are dragging six blocks behind them when they walk down the street.

Damn, why does everyone hate it when I just ask a simple question?  I realize having babies is hard on your body.  I understand I will never have the experience.  I completely get that my body will never have to suffer the contorted implantation of a human being inside my mid section.  I get all of that.  I am just wondering why some women recover and are in Playboy and some women don’t make it back and are in jugs gone bad.  I think if anyone is going to do a study we should all be trying to help out the women of the world and so they can take precautions.

This is assuming you trust your doctor and studies to begin with.  Remember the dude over in England who said that vaccines are bad and they cause autism?  Andrew Wakefield is now getting his hand smacked several years later with doctors saying his study was a farce.  According to an article in Time the good doctor is on the outs and the head honchos are talking about revoking his license.  What I can’t figure out is why it took them twelve years to find out the study was bogus.  If it were really that screwed up couldn’t they have reprimanded him a little earlier?  Why wait twelve years?

In the meantime the guy is running an Autism research center in Austin, Texas.  Will anyone really want to take their kids out there and have this guy poking and prodding them if he doesn’t even have a license?  I am assuming he will fight back.  The only question is will he do it Texas style.  Just because he looks like an English dork doesn’t mean he has to fight like one.  The dude lives in Texas now so pull out your six shooter and let the bullets fly.  OMG, I just got a little nauseous.  The image of a big dorky English doctor playing with his six shooter popped into my head.  I might not eat for weeks.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I love moms in Playboy.  Especially when they look like Susie Addison.

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Shawn M Dillon is a Perfect 10!

Our models of the day just keep getting better and better.  Sadly I think we have reached our peak.  I am not sure how a model can be more perfect than Shawn M Dillon.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  What can I say?  Since I only had time to do a post on one model today, I felt it had to be a good one.  I am now becoming distracted just perusing her pictures over and over again.  Since I am on such a tight deadline I have to figure out a way to break free and put down my computer.  If anyone has any suggestions shoot me an e-mail at  Odds are I will still be here gawking.

Any girl that looks this good and plays football as well as scuba dives must have more going for her than the average stick on the wall.  Or was that “Brick on the Wall”.  I think I am having flashbacks.  Too bad I don’t have the insight to be more substantive.  I just read about a book coming out “The Power of Half”.  This girl was riding with her father in a car and on the left was a dude in a Mercedes and on the right was a homeless guy.  She suggested that the dude on her left sell his car, buy a cheaper model and give the dude on the right enough money to eat.  What in the hell.  That isn’t the American way.

When her dad finally asked her to just shut the hell up or tell him what she wanted him to do about it, she gave a suggestion.  Why didn’t they sell their mansion, buy a house much smaller and donate the difference to charity.  Ok, now this is where the book lost me.  It is one thing to tell other people to donate but donating money yourself.  That is way over the line.  The stupid thing is, they did it.  Those damn crazy parents.  Now they have written a book about their experience and will make a fortune.  See, I finally get the angle.

Sad thing is these crazy kids will probably donate some of that money to the needy as well.  Jesus, when does it stop?  Are we all going to start giving money to people in need?  Where would our world structure be if everyone started helping everyone else?  I just don’t get it.  I can’t even get my bank to say hello to me and Obama just borrowed another couple trillion dollars, and for what?  To bail out Toyota?  Aren’t they a Japanese company?  If I had a Toyota I would be a little worried.  You might want to figure out what in the hell this recall is all about.

All of this is happening in the world and I can’t get my eyes off of Shawn M Dillon.  You might think it would make me a little shallow but you would be wrong.  I am just a dude.  Dudes will do anything for a pretty woman.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it is ok to go through life with nothing more than a computer and some electricity.  I just need to see Shawn one more time please.  Then I will go and do those damn errands.  God, I hope I don’t run into a homeless guy when I pick my kids up.  I don’t even own the house I live in.

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