Joy Trimble might have the perfect body!

Maybe I am a little lost in the grand scheme of middle age but I love a woman who brags about having a baby and working her way back to fitness.  It is no easy feat, what a woman’s body goes through to have a baby.  Getting it toned and shaped in the aftermath is something to be applauded.  In my old age, and not even having had a baby, I  am as soft as a jelly donut.  Damn, that does suck doesn’t it.  Joy Trimble on the other hand has found her rock hard body again, and while she is still very young, it is impressive to see how devoted she is to her modeling career.

Lacey Lynn is another fitness nut we recently focused on a couple of days ago, and to see the muscles on these women makes me salivate for some dumbbells.  Sadly that is as far as I get.  Maybe if I could get Lacey and Joy over to my house once a morning, have them drag me out of bed, and kick my ass for a couple of hours I might find my way back to perfection as well.  My guess is they both have better things to do than worry about my protruding mid section, so I am stuck in my circular motion of cream filling.  What to do, what to do.

Being a Republican I know a couple of things I won’t do.  I won’t condone setting any Democrats on fire or aiming cross hairs at their back.  Sarah Palin and her cohort Ann Coulter are really taking things too far.  Granted Ann Coulter has been taking things too far for a long time.  I love instigating dissention amongst the troops and fostering a good debate but holy shit, these ladies are off the deep end.  Believe whatever you like, voice your opinion when you want, but if you start talking about violence against your opponents haven’t you crossed a line.

I was reading an article in the Toronto Sun that was listing some quotes from Ann Coulter and the woman sounds psychotic.  At what point is condoning the murder of fellow citizens just flat out wrong.  Can’t we get back to making fun of people using words.  Speaking of antagonists where has my favorite adversary gone.  Has he lost his will to fight.  Antonio had lots to say on the Leah Jung post and then must have gotten scared away.  Antonio, oh Antonio, let down your hair Antonio and be man.  Don’t hide underneath your bed like a little girl.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes grown women surprise me.  Joy Trimble for her rock hard body and Ann Coulter for her rock of a brain.  I suggest we all sit down to a nice plate of Twinkies and see if we can work this out over a game of go fish.  Mom, bring me my cards and a plate of Twinkies damn it.

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