Lacey Lynn, A body to cry for!

Lacey Lynn is not just in shape, she is in crazy good shape.  It almost makes me what to crawl out of bed and actually work out.  I say almost because it is still a little on the cold side and I am a lazier than the average dude.  I do remember when I was in college and I used to work out in the gym every day.  Damn, sometimes twice a day.  One of my spotters was this girl who was in the same kind of crazy shape Lacey is in.  I think it is amazing how strong some women can be and still look so damn good.

Now, I have sadly eaten a few too many strips of bacon and I am not even sure where the closest gym is to my house.  It has been so long since I have been.  All I do is sit back and admire others who do the work I should be doing.  At least I can still hold an appreciated for the effort that Lacey Lynn puts in to keep her body so rock hard.  Actually when I was working out I remember it not even feeling like work.  At some point you enjoy it so much that it is more fun than anything.  In the end I can only blame myself for my soft mid section.

At least I am taking responsibility.  In a recent article in the Washington Post it seems the Catholic Church has entered the road so divided.  I guess they are now down the path of pointing fingers, even amongst themselves.  Having just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day it is befitting that they blame those damn Irish.  Now a good friend of my is Irish and he of course is Catholic as well.  While I love him like a brother I can’t help but wonder how long it will take before Catholics realize making men vow celibacy is an open road to child abuse.

What kind of man can go his entire life not having sex.  There are just some things that do not work.  It is hard for me to go a week.  Well, I guess it depends on how tired I am from laying in bed all day writing.  You might be surprised just how much energy that writing takes damn it.  Stop laughing now or I will ask Lacey Lynn to kick your ass and I am willing to be she could probably to it.  We can only hope the Vatican realizes at some point in their distorted warped minds, that it isn’t just the Irish.  The church is in need of some restructuring and might do well moving into this century.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I really want to get into shape but it just seems so hard to crawl out of my nice warm bed.  I love this damn bed.  Maybe that is the problem.  Can I blame the bed?  I have to blame somebody.  Just ask the Pope, it can’t be my fault.

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