Jessica Boughers, cheerleaders can be bad!

You have to wonder about a girl who headed to college on a soccer scholarship, and got kicked off the team for partying too much.  I wish that I was a little more involved in women’s soccer if Jessica Boughers is a typical representative.  Not saying that I love women who party.  I will let you read whatever you want into the statement.  Jessica Boughers went on to become a Washington Redskins cheerleader of all things, and is now doing modeling as a hobby.  I bet it drives women crazy when somebody can view something so casually and be so successful at the same time.

Still, if you have the natural good looks that Jessica Boughers exudes, it is no wonder she can do whatever she sets her mind to.  Assuming that she uses her other more obvious assets at the same time.  If I were blessed with assets like Jessica exudes, I might not ever leave my house.  I would probably spend most of my time in front of a mirror admiring the gifts that were so readily bestowed on my undeserving soul.  I guess that is why guys are built differently.  We just don’t possess the mental fortitude to handle certain things.

As self confident as Jessica Boughers appears, my guess is she grew up in an environment that afforded her a feeling of stability.  We all love our grandparents but those damn old people are getting into trouble it appears.  According to an article in the BBC if your kids head over to grandparents for some after school care giving, they might get more than you bargained for.  Grandparents are 34% more likely to fatten up the little toddlers than other forms of child care.  Those damn chocolate chip cookies grandmas make are killing our youth it seems.

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of an apple?  Now that we are pushing our kids to lighten up, even Grandma is getting a slap on the wrist.  I wonder if “Silent Bob’s” grandparents played a part in raising him as a toddler.  Southwest must think so since they booted the dude off one of their planes.  Kevin Smith might be famous but according to “The Dispatch”, even famous people are getting the heave ho for being obese.  Damn, I love my snack cakes and my grandma, does this mean I need to push them both off the train.

It appears that not only have the Obama’s killed capitalism in our fare country they are now trying to kill our appetites as well.  I wonder if Michelle takes her own advice and watches her waistline as much as she watches little Joey’s down the street.  I guess if we end up saving as much money as the government thinks we can by trimming the fat from our children, we can afford to buy a few more banks and hand out yearend bonuses.  Damn, is it me or does our politics seem to have gone all to hell in a bread basket, or got lost in the cake batter?  I can’t be sure.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it is nice to see cheerleaders like Jessica Boughers who can be bad girls as well.  Didn’t anyone ever wonder why “Super Girl” wore that little red skirt?  Come on dudes, she didn’t even have tights on.  Don’t tell me you didn’t have dreams of eating “Little Red Riding Hood’s” sugar cookies.

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