Darenzia, Mind Blowing! National Wear Red Day dude.

OK, I am not mainstream USA.  I go off kilter a little bit.  (I do like Taylor Swift but please dear God don’t tell anyone.)  I realize this and anyone who visits JournalStone.com should know this by now as well.  Still, every once in a while there is somebody who can bridge the gap between natural beauty and the freaky side of things.  Darenzia, in my mind at least, fits the bill.  What is life about if you can’t try a few things now and then?  Who wants to venture through every single day mired in the monotony of the mundane?  Isn’t it nice to spice things up with a little R&R.?

Darenzia is mind blowingly beautiful and has some photos on the kinky side.  Who says you can’t feel like a nut and still have some chocolate mixed in?  I am still unsure what winds my clock, and I am an old fat man.  I can’t imagine not venturing out now and again and seeing what lies around the next corner.  Don’t you want to reach the end of your life at a ripe old age and know that you made every attempt to find the golden egg?  Shit, no matter what color your egg might end up being, it is nice to crack the shell and see what is inside.  I love taking a peek inside my egg on occasion.

So get off of your ass, put on your red shirt and head out tonight for an adventure of a lifetime.  You have our permission to test the boundaries and see what might happen.  Yes, you must wear read.  Today is National Wear Red day and we celebrate all holidays here at JournalStone.com.  Just because we no longer have a real job doesn’t mean we don’t work our asses off.  It does mean that we get as many holidays as we want and I for one am taking off early today and downing a few shots.

National Wear Red day is for the American Heart Association.  I like this holiday specifically, since I most likely will be having a heart attack before I turn sixty.  Please figure out a way to help me before I curl up in the fetal position and start crying like a little girl.  Just don’t spank me.  I don’t like pain that much and I haven’t been spanked since, well, since last night but don’t tell my girlfriend I told you.  She doesn’t want anyone to know.  hahahahaha,  I crack myself up.  If you can’t make yourself laugh then who can you make laugh.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and every once in a while I come across a model that is worth getting to know.  I will shoot Darenzia an e-mail and hopefully we can get her on the site more often.  She seems like one of the interesting ones.

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