Rhian Marie Sugden, has two huge friends.

I had no idea who Rhian Marie Sugden was until yesterday.  I saw her on uncoachable.com.  Granted all they have are pictures and not much else so I did some poking around.  By poking I mean sleuthing for all of you sick minded perverts out there.  What I found was very interesting, and might surprise some of you.  It was intriguing, yet elusive in its intent.  What was being said?  What was the underlying tone of the message?  I am not one to question why facts are facts.  I am just here to report the things I find and if I can’t find anything then make shit up.

Rhian Marie Sugden has a Wikipedia page and on that page it says her reason for becoming a model was greatly influenced by her friends.  “Her friends felt that Rhian, who was naturally a size six but had naturally big breasts, had the figure for glamour modeling.”  I wonder if my friends think I should be a model.  If they do would it be because they feel I am naturally large in some areas.  If they do believe that I am naturally large in some areas, what the hell.  My first question would be what kind of friends do I have?  Why are they even looking at me so closely?  What exactly is a size six?

I truly don’t get women sizes.  Who came up with the zero crap?  How can anyone even be a zero?  Doesn’t zero by definition mean something?  If you are something how can you be a zero?  I know a few zeros and have had the pleasure of viewing a few more on TV.  Bikini Boy would be a zero in my book.  What kind of male idiot goes on national television and sings in a bikini.  I don’t get it.  Everyone is out for their fifteen minutes of fame but don’t we have a line.  Will some people do anything just to be on TV?

The dude doesn’t even get a big payday.  Not even the promise of a big payday.  He just gets to be on TV looking like an idiot.  Wouldn’t it be better not being famous them being famous for looking like a complete moron.  Hmmmm, Moron.  I wonder if that was a Freudian slip of some kind.  Am I trying to reference my last name?  Maybe I have come full circle and the idiot I am so concerned about is none other than me.  What in the hell am I going to do now.  I am so confused.  What does Freudian slip even mean?

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it is nice to enjoy beautiful women.  Rhian is damn gorgeous and if I had a choice I would vote her directly to Hollywood.  No passing go, no stopping for a cup of coffee and for Christ’s sake definitely wearing a bikini.

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