Susie Addison makes it to Playboy February 2, 2010.

If your lifelong dream is to get your picture in Playboy then by all means go for it.  If you look like Susie Addison my only surprise is why it took so long.  Dude, if I was running Playboy this girl would have been front and center a while back.  Now after getting married and popping out two kids she finally gets to the hot housewives addition.  I don’t get how some women can look like this after two kids and some women see their bodies drop so far that their breasts are dragging six blocks behind them when they walk down the street.

Damn, why does everyone hate it when I just ask a simple question?  I realize having babies is hard on your body.  I understand I will never have the experience.  I completely get that my body will never have to suffer the contorted implantation of a human being inside my mid section.  I get all of that.  I am just wondering why some women recover and are in Playboy and some women don’t make it back and are in jugs gone bad.  I think if anyone is going to do a study we should all be trying to help out the women of the world and so they can take precautions.

This is assuming you trust your doctor and studies to begin with.  Remember the dude over in England who said that vaccines are bad and they cause autism?  Andrew Wakefield is now getting his hand smacked several years later with doctors saying his study was a farce.  According to an article in Time the good doctor is on the outs and the head honchos are talking about revoking his license.  What I can’t figure out is why it took them twelve years to find out the study was bogus.  If it were really that screwed up couldn’t they have reprimanded him a little earlier?  Why wait twelve years?

In the meantime the guy is running an Autism research center in Austin, Texas.  Will anyone really want to take their kids out there and have this guy poking and prodding them if he doesn’t even have a license?  I am assuming he will fight back.  The only question is will he do it Texas style.  Just because he looks like an English dork doesn’t mean he has to fight like one.  The dude lives in Texas now so pull out your six shooter and let the bullets fly.  OMG, I just got a little nauseous.  The image of a big dorky English doctor playing with his six shooter popped into my head.  I might not eat for weeks.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I love moms in Playboy.  Especially when they look like Susie Addison.

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  1. jade says:

    I can answer your questions about Susie Addison – it’s called 2 boob jobs. Not to mention fake nails, fake hair and fake teeth. LOL

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