Shawn M Dillon is a Perfect 10!

Our models of the day just keep getting better and better.  Sadly I think we have reached our peak.  I am not sure how a model can be more perfect than Shawn M Dillon.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  What can I say?  Since I only had time to do a post on one model today, I felt it had to be a good one.  I am now becoming distracted just perusing her pictures over and over again.  Since I am on such a tight deadline I have to figure out a way to break free and put down my computer.  If anyone has any suggestions shoot me an e-mail at  Odds are I will still be here gawking.

Any girl that looks this good and plays football as well as scuba dives must have more going for her than the average stick on the wall.  Or was that “Brick on the Wall”.  I think I am having flashbacks.  Too bad I don’t have the insight to be more substantive.  I just read about a book coming out “The Power of Half”.  This girl was riding with her father in a car and on the left was a dude in a Mercedes and on the right was a homeless guy.  She suggested that the dude on her left sell his car, buy a cheaper model and give the dude on the right enough money to eat.  What in the hell.  That isn’t the American way.

When her dad finally asked her to just shut the hell up or tell him what she wanted him to do about it, she gave a suggestion.  Why didn’t they sell their mansion, buy a house much smaller and donate the difference to charity.  Ok, now this is where the book lost me.  It is one thing to tell other people to donate but donating money yourself.  That is way over the line.  The stupid thing is, they did it.  Those damn crazy parents.  Now they have written a book about their experience and will make a fortune.  See, I finally get the angle.

Sad thing is these crazy kids will probably donate some of that money to the needy as well.  Jesus, when does it stop?  Are we all going to start giving money to people in need?  Where would our world structure be if everyone started helping everyone else?  I just don’t get it.  I can’t even get my bank to say hello to me and Obama just borrowed another couple trillion dollars, and for what?  To bail out Toyota?  Aren’t they a Japanese company?  If I had a Toyota I would be a little worried.  You might want to figure out what in the hell this recall is all about.

All of this is happening in the world and I can’t get my eyes off of Shawn M Dillon.  You might think it would make me a little shallow but you would be wrong.  I am just a dude.  Dudes will do anything for a pretty woman.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it is ok to go through life with nothing more than a computer and some electricity.  I just need to see Shawn one more time please.  Then I will go and do those damn errands.  God, I hope I don’t run into a homeless guy when I pick my kids up.  I don’t even own the house I live in.

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