Kristy Ann, Trashy or Smoking Hot?

Kristy Ann is our latest model highlighted here on  Sadly we have been getting some comments that some of our targeted models are slightly trashy and we are being scorned for our choices.  Damn, I am not here to judge one way or the other.  I simply look at the pretty pictures, wipe the drool from my mouth and write a blurb about them.  What can I say?  Simple is as simple does or something like that.  I for one think Kristy Ann is smoking hot.  She might be a little trashy in some of the photos but is it really wrong to get your hands dirty once in a while.

Isn’t there some saying about living in glass houses and throwing stones?  I am doing well to live in a house at all so I won’t throw stones, bricks or anything else that might be harmful in any way.  Unless it is being thrown at the people working at IUniverse.  That is figuratively not literally.  Don’t be calling the cops on me for Christ’s sake.  Talk about a group of inept employees.  Not all of them mind you but enough of them to be annoying.  I am still attempting to get my book ready to sell with that misguided outfit.  Sadly it is not available for return from bookstores.  If you haven’t dove into the self publishing arena you most like have no idea what I am talking about.

I was told from the beginning that companies who help authors self publish make their profits from the authors, not from selling books.  Now I believe them.  I submitted my book and paid my original fee on March 20, 2009.  Now 1o months later my book is still not searchable on their website and book stores will not stock it due to its designation.  You might think that it is unreasonable to wait 1o months but I will be surprised if it is ever actually finished.

Interestingly enough IUniverse has happily accepted thousands of dollars from me and every time I call they are willing to sell me another service.  Sadly they just can’t seem to deliver on the services they sell within the timeframe they promise.  I can state one thing emphatically.  The next book I publish will not be associated with IUniverse in any way shape or form.

Actually for an experiment jump over to their site. and type in “Duncan’s Diary”.  If the book comes up send me an e-mail at  Don’t worry, I am sure you won’t find it but if you are willing to do me a favor and try it let’s see if I am wrong.  Maybe I do live in the twilight zone and IUniverse is not as inept at their job as I think they are.  I have been called much worse than inept that is for sure.

Damn, this blog is supposed to be about Kristy Ann, not me whining about losing tons of money and dealing with people who seem to care more about their vacation than they do about helping customers.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it doesn’t pay to spend thousands of dollars with a company whose motto is we accept cash, check or charge and sell you what?  Sometimes it does I guess as well.  You just need to find the right company, or then again maybe not.

Damn, I just tried the IUniverse link again and found my book.  Maybe after twenty plus e-mails and 20 plus phone calls and waiting for two months after publishing they have fixed the problem.  Try it out people and let me know.

Thanks, I owe you one.

Check out Duncan’s Diary: Birth of a Serial Killer on Amazon (A real book website). It is a killer book.


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