Teen arrested for…… having sex with horses

Dude, are you kidding me?  I am not sure where to start.  Maybe I can just keep going in a circular motion wondering what in the hell is wrong with some guys in the world.  I am pretty open minded here on JournalStone.com.  I try to keep things in perspective as everyone does there own thing.  S&M, not for me but if you like it more power to you, porn, well we all have our moments but still I don’t really have a fetish with non stop action, beautiful women are a passion for every man so what can I say, but horses?  At some point shouldn’t we draw the line?  While we are not judgmental on this site we will be judging this and the verdict is…………..holy shit.

I guess Erick Rivera was hired to watch some horses at a stable and clean up the mess once in a while.  While he was using his shovel to scoop the dirty deeds he got a little excited and decided since nothing else was available why not strap a horse down and relieve his tension.  He must have liked it because he then did it again, and again and again.  Now we have all heard the saying hung like a horse.  For as long as I can remember being conscious of my sexuality the references to size were constantly being bantered about.  Damn, when we were in high school there was always some dude in the locker-room that the other guys just never took a glance at.  Too freaky.

Still it is one thing to be “hung like a horse” and a completely different thing to actually hang with a horse.  You hear of the live shows and videos coming out of Mexico but I for one have never taken a look.  At some point it moves from smoking hot to making me a little nauseous.  For those of you who have never seen a horse in real life all I can say is OMG.  My uncle had some horses on his farm and I had the lucky experience of being present one time when he had a couple getting together for an afternoon.  When people talk about being hung like a horse most of us have no concept what the reality of this is.

So what was this kid thinking?  Can you imagine him ever getting married and talking about losing his virginity?  Everyone sitting around the fire pit in the back of your 4 bedroom 2 bath suburban home and all the women baking cookies while the kids watch “Shrek” on TV.  Some guy talks about the back seat of a car, another one when his parents were gone and the babysitter snuck a quickie and then this kid with his stable story and how he backed into Mr. Ed.  Damn, I have now decided that there should be a sensor on the internet.  I woke up this morning all psyched to search for the latest smoking hot girl story and all I can find is a horses ass and this kid stuck in the middle, literally.

I will say that I did come across Sara Galimberti and Total Pro Sports touting her as the hottest track star.  I again, as in the past will take offense to this and shoot down this theory.  While Sara might be looking good and Total Pro Sports has enlightened me to some gorgeous women can we really say that she is the hottest?  I think their judgment might me waning over at the website and while I don’t want to point fingers and call names if you are a horse’s ass then please stand up.  When I say I don’t want to point fingers I really do mean I don’t want to point my finger.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I feel the need to apologize to Total Pro Sports and Sara Galimberti for adding them into this post.  While she may not be the hottest track star ever she didn’t deserve to be backed up in the stable with this relationship.  For the record these pictures have no relation to the horse story.  I just couldn’t post pictures of any horses and sleep at night.

While we do try and confirm stories here on JournalStone.com I was not able to pick much up on this one.  We are trusting the Times Herald Record and hope that this is not a fabrication.  Then again maybe we should be hoping it is fabricated and there is still something sacred in the world.

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