Peaches Geldof, casually takes her clothes off.

Peaches Geldof 1Peaches Geldof?  What has she done?  Haven’t we asked that about other people in the past and had trouble coming up with any real answers.  Bottom line is she has written a short lived column for a magazine, starred in her own reality show and loves the party scene.  She allegedly can drink with the best of them.  Is that enough to get you signed with a top brand name lingerie outfit?  Yes, it is.  It is also enough to get you featured on in a blog post.  Which one is more important?  I can’t answer that question.  I can say that one pays a six figure salary and the other one doesn’t.  You guess which is which.

The interesting thing about Peaches and her age group is you don’t have to do much to get noticed.  If you have a lot of money and strut around town making sure everyone knows your name you seem to be able to get away with more than the average Joe.  At 20 years of age Peaches has already tattooed up her arms and legs, paraded around in her underwear and has everyone questioning whether she can be a positive to their company or simply a distraction.  I guess Ultimo will find out soon since she is featuring their Christmas line and is the latest to sign on with the lingerie brand.Peaches Geldof 2Peaches Geldof 3

It is interesting to see a lingerie company take a young edgy stance.  Victoria’s Secret is all about the skinny model with a lot of class and Ultimo is going down the road of wild and crazy.  At some point time will tell which marketing scheme works the best.  I personally don’t care as both afford me the luxury of seeing gorgeous women in their underwear.  I only wish that every company used the same approach.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see an aspirin commercial being pushed to the forefront by a woman in her skivvies.  Damn, it is just good marketing.  Don’t tell our religious following though.  They will have me cast down to the brimstone pit of hell again and I say, it is hot down there.

Peaches Geldof 4Peaches Geldof 5I guess I am finally starting to show my age.  I just don’t get the strategy with the wild child as the person you want front and center promoting your product.  I also just found out that Britney Spears has been the most searched name the last five years on the internet so who am I to talk about logic.  Sounds like she was finally replaced by Twitter but I don’t get who searches for Twitter.  Wouldn’t you just go to the Twitter website?  Doesn’t everyone know what Twitter is at this point in life?  Are there really people out there in the world who are that lost in the times.

Damn, now I am sounding condescending.  I guess there are people who are lucky to even have a computer.  How many people are scrambling for food and could care less what Twitter is or is not in the grand scheme of things.  Life is a weird twisted journey of ups and downs that is for sure.Peaches Geldof 6

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I feel like getting some more ink.  Maybe I will get another tattoo today in honor of Peaches.  Ah, probably not.

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