Naked Nerds, what is the world coming to?

A lot is written about Geeks.  That is Geeks not Greeks you moron. 

David LangerFabio de BernardiThere have even been several movies where the geek is the focal point.  Interestingly enough more often than not the geek ends up with the smoking hot girl in the end.  How does that always work out?  In real life it seems the majority of the time the smoking hot girl ends up with the smoking hot dude and I am watching from afar.  Not that I was or am a geek.  I am more stuck in the middle somewhere.  Not that great looking and not that smart either.  I guess some dudes are lucky to be at the bottom of the gene pool in all aspects.  Damn, how in the world did I draw the lucky straw?

So now they will be getting their own calendar and it will be naked geeks no less.  Leave it to those damn Britain’s.  I have said it 100 times but those guys are always pressing the envelope and I for one say it has to stop here.  Some of these people can’t possibly be geeks.  It just isn’t fair that they got the smoking hot bodies and the brains.  It is like having cake and eating the icing as well.  Damn, it isn’t even my birthday.  I guess if you are going to spend all that time studying you might take a break now and then and do some push ups.  I used to go that route but opt for the snickers bar instead as of late.Gabrielle Laine-PetersHermione Way

The good news is it all goes for charity.  Something about helping all those little Indian kids get some IT guidance.  At first that pissed me off as well because once the fog settles most of the Indian people I know are already more tech savvy and smarter than I am.  I figure at some point there should be a group starting a charity for the help Duncan campaign.  It was only when I looked closer that I noticed it was actually for the blind and disabled Indian kids and how can you help but feel good about that.  You get to see hot naked people and help the needy at the same time.

Malcolm ScovilPoppy DinseyWhat did Matt Dillon say in “There’s something about Mary”.  I think it was along the lines of “I love helping those little retarded fuxxxxx”.  While we will all agree that is a little harsh it is nice helping the needy.  I donate clothes and food and in most years I actually fork over few dollars as well.  The nicest thing is donating time and it seems there is nobody in more need that our own kids right here at home.  I am overwhelmed by the issues facing our nation’s school system.  I have three kids at all levels of school and it seems every grade is in need of something.

So whether it is here or abroad I say good luck to those naked nerds.  If it raises a little money and helps the kids then more power to the people.Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes it just makes sense to strip off your clothes and give to the poor.  I just wish somebody would pay me for wrapping myself up in a microphone cord and singing karaoke.  The only problem is I don’t sing that well either.  Damn, I strike out at every turn.

Go to and buy the calendar.  It is cheap and for a good cause.





  1. Gabrielle L-P says:

    Hi Duncan,

    Great Blog! Thank-you for the plug for #LDNnudetech Calendar. In the interest of full disclosure : I’m afraid I am one of the Geeks of said Calendar. I have 2 degrees (more nerd really) & love tech (geek part). I can confirm that “they do all look that good” In all honesty not really sure how I made the final cut? In case you’ve not worked it out I’m the Geek on the Bar!!

    G x


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