Sign up to win, Trip to Playboy Mansion and your very own Playmate

Charisma CarpenterJayde NicoleI have no idea what playmate and I really don’t care.  I don’t care if she is from the 1960′s and older than my grandmother at this point.  Well, damn you got me there.  I would prefer her to be relatively young.  Let’s say anything younger than 50 and older than 18.  That narrows down the field somewhat.  Marc Ecko and Playboy seem to be teaming up in what might be the best, most exciting contest that has ever been given out to mankind.  This is better than the day that fire was invented.  Better than the wheel and electricity.

A contest to hang out in the Playboy mansion and meet a playmate.  Maybe you will get to meet more than one playmate.  This is not to say that I don’t see and or get the privilege of being around beautiful women more often than most.  I mean let’s be serious, I have seen some of the dudes down at the local bar and it isn’t that hard to compete.  Luckily I don’t have to worry about that anymore with my girlfriend firmly implanted at the house but still……. Do you think she would let me go if I won the trip?  Isn’t there a rule when you meet your top five unattainable women you get a free pass?Jillian GracePlayboy 1

Can one of my top five be listed as just playmate so it covers any one of them that I might get lucky enough to brush by now and then?  I think the worry would be me making a fool of myself as there is most likely not a single playmate out there that would give me the time of day.  Even if I have written a book that is soon to hit the bestsellers list.  If you walk into a Porsche dealership and tell the saleslady you are a writer they will smile at you and walk away.  We are not known for our looks, having any money and even if we do have money we can’t keep it.  The words are what matter, not the results.

Playboy 2Playmate Of The YearStill, I never claimed to be a good writer and we are talking about a playmate here.  I am going to enter the contest myself but do not tell my girlfriend.  If there are any women out there tell me if I am wrong here.  Remember we are talking about a damn playmate for Christ sake.  There has to be some kind of mulligan involved somewhere.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I just want to play volleyball on the grass with a slew of women in bikinis.  I love the jumping.  Just keep jumping little bunnies.  Jump high and far.  Jump often and fast.  I love the bouncing balls in volleyball.Shannon SunderlineTaryn Terrell

Oh yah, the Marc Ecko site to enter the contest is here.  It is simple and easy to drop your name in so to hell with all of you.  This buds for me.


  1. Ive visited the Playboy mansion grounds July 17 09 for platemate casting call, such a tease to let me on the property and tennis court but not get a full tour please fulfill my wish and quit teasing me!

  2. Nothing like visiting the playboy mansion! Definitely a must do. I was able to go by visiting Time of my life!

  3. Prashanth Sri Sivapalasundaram says:

    Why can’t I ever get a girl like these??? Actually, why can’t I get a girl at all???? Long live Cafe Rouge, Esher, England!!!


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