GQ’s New Updated January Jones Pics

January Jones 1January Jones 2You have to love January Jones.  I mean she was born in January, her name is January and I was born in January.  Do we need to say anything more?  Damn, she is smoking hot as well.  I remember her when she was in “Love Actually”, stripping down naked and filling in as a porn double.  I didn’t even know that porn needed doubles to check for lighting.  I thought they were called fluffers for some reason.  Fluffer or no fluffer, January Jones is smoking hot and now at the ripe age of 31 is finally making her Mad mark in the world.  She is one confusing lady.

I guess GQ was just teasing us with the first photos.  I think these are sexier and racier than the series they originally put out.  Take a quick jump over to the GQ website to see the rest.  If you are up for the video they have that as well.  Damn, I love magazines.  I still say that I would be the water boy or the lighting guy on any photo shoot if they would have me.  I would draw the line at fluffing though.  My feathers don’t fold that way and I am not about to rip the brush cross grain now.  I like going with the flow and seeing things smooth down slowly and coolly.

I think if you are going to do something off the wall you should fly under the radar.  Not sure January Jones 3January Jones 4that Steve Phillips really got that message.  I mean if you are going to have an affair (David Letterman), or many (David Letterman) you have to pick and choose your targets.  Steve Phillips and David Letterman seem to enjoy dipping the pen in company pudding and it just doesn’t add up.  Sadly for Steve’s wife she must be getting used to it.  Sounds like no matter where he works he likes getting some added benefits.  Anyone remember the Mets and his antics in New York.  I guess he just can’t keep it bottled up.

January Jones 5January Jones 6It seems that his new conquest didn’t take kindly to being jilted and called his wife a few times on the phone.  Can you imagine the girlfriend giving a play by play on dirty details to get even?  Damn, some women just don’t know where to draw the line.  Whatever happened to just saying you were sorry and moving on.  Did the twenty year old bunny really thing that Steve was in it for the long term.  He seems more like an in and out guy to me.  Speed more than quality precision.

Can anyone say “Where’s the Beef”.January Jones 7

I bet he wasn’t born in January.  Venture over to GQ and take a look at the new photos.

They are smoking hot.

No matter what your flavor.


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