Should women really dress up like SEXY SCHOOL GIRLS?

Halloween Costumes 28Halloween Costumes 20Halloween Costumes 21OK, I am as shallow as the next guy.  I think everyone knows this.  I probably don’t even have to state it.  I have also spent an inordinate amount of time slamming the good ole Catholics.  It is just a little too easy and I am somewhat lazy.  Those two don’t always make the best combination but they work.  I have also remained consistent on the Catholic School Girl outfit.  I mean every man alive loves the little skirt and the knee high socks.  I wonder if it just brings back the memories of being young and not having anything in the world to care about other than the girl sitting next to you in class.  Life is simple as a boy.  All you think about are girls.  Unless you are gay and then you think about other boys.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Still as Halloween approaches and we continue our costume theme I wonder what we are projecting to society by some of the outfits we have on display.  “Cookie Girl Costume”, “Tardy Tina School Girl Costume”, “Sunshine Cookie Girl Costume” etc. just to name a few.  Now don’t get me wrong.  These women are smoking hot and I personally have ordered three to surprise my girlfriend with.  I can’t wait for the week of Halloween.  My goal is to get her dressing up once each night in a different outfit.  Not to be left out I will just wear my Obama mask and hold up the peace sign.  That should be a noble trick, most nights anyway.  If I get a headache I will put on the Michael Jackson mask and white glove and head out to the local Catholic boys choir to hang out with the priests.  Shit, strike that last sentence please.  That is messed up.

I just wonder if all the sexy outfits aimed at teens and the sexy outfits aimed at women to look like teens just might be sending the wrong message.  Granted Halloween comes only once a year but still, I like the fact that my girlfriend is no longer in High School.  It would creep me out a little if she were.  I haven’t dated somebody in high school since I was thirty.  You have to draw the line somewhere right.  So while “Detention Slip Sandy Costume” and “Bad School Girl Costume: are all fine and good, let’s not forget who we are and let the line get blurred on what is right and wrong.Halloween Costumes 22Halloween Costumes 23

Girlfriend/Wife dressing up like school girl fine.  Actual school girl bad.

I just think it is odd that we push the sexiness so much at such a young age.  Women are sexy well into their late twenties.  Ok, maybe even beyond their twenties in some cases.  Wonder how many women readers I have lost in the last two sentences.  My girlfriend is probably one of them.  Good thing I am making dinner tonight.  I will most likely have a lot of making up to do if she is reading this blog.

Halloween Costumes 24Halloween Costumes 25I guess if she gets too out of line I can dress her up in the “Bad School Girl Costume” and give her a spanking.  Damn, I might have to do that anyway now that I thought about.

If you like sexy Halloween Costumes then venture over to  Like I have said many times in the past.  I don’t judge, unless you get really freaky and break the law that is.  I simply point out oddities.  If I attempted to judge anyone then I might have to cancel my order and that would mean no “Hot for Teacher Costume” tonight for my dessert and I definitely am hoping to get that one in the mail today.

The outfit not the girl by the way.Halloween Costumes 26Halloween Costumes 27

Sometimes you feel like a nut.


  1. Haha,I admire Mr.Jackson! He was the most talented to ever sing! We will never have someone like him! RIP to the GREATEST!

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