Olivia Wilde is Smoking Hot

Olivia Wilde 11Olivia Wilde 9Olivia Wilde 1Olivia Wilde 2Olivia Wilde 3How would you like to play “House” with Olivia Cockburn? Sorry but you have to love the name. How could you not love the name Olivia Cockburn? Do I really have to spell it out for you? Olivia Cockburn, get it. Olivia Wilde’s name was originally Olivia Cock…………..Burn. No wonder she has everyone drooling over her in the hit TV series “House”. I might have to actually watch TV at some point. Sadly the entire time I would watch the show I would simply sit and think about Cockburn. I just couldn’t help it.

I bet Obama would share my line of thinking. Can anyone out there bet that he was burning a little this afternoon when it was leaked that he voiced his opinion about Kanye West. Obama stated rather emphatically that he felt Kanye was a jackass. Can’t we all just get along? I thing most of the civilized world agrees that Kanye West not only was a jackass, but always has been a jackass and will most likely always be a jackass. Some people just have it built right into their psyche and can’t help themselves. Damn, I most likely am a jackass. Just ask the people I work with.Olivia Wilde 4Olivia Wilde 5Olivia Wilde 6

Sorry I am a little late in getting out the Olivia pictures to the three people who read this blog by the way. Some days you just feel like a nut and well some days you want to stick a pen in your eye and pry it out to feel the slow throbbing pain. For the record I never want to experience that. Just using that as an example. I don’t really fly that way. I fly the way of the pain free jackass road. Nothing like flying in a straight line is my motto.

Olivia Wilde 7Olivia Wilde 8So here is our tribute of the day to Olivia Wilde. Some people have the ability to live up to her name and she definitely fits the bill. Nothing like a little burn here or there. You have to love the burn baby. They should make a song and call it burn baby burn. Light the house on fire and see how smoking hot Olivia watching Cockburn, I mean Olivia Wilde can be. I say she will be on fire.

By the way I love GQ magazine.Olivia Wilde 10Olivia Wilde 12Olivia Wilde 13

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