Sasha Grey is………(Wonder Woman)

Sasha Grey 23Sasha Grey 24Damn, now we have a movie. How many times have we seen the celebrity women dressing up like Wonder Woman? You have to love a woman in a skin tight outfit, legs fully exposed and knowing all the time that she could literally kick your ass. Not that I am into that sort of thing. I like my love making gentle, caring and sensitive. Not me personally mind you. I don’t talk about my personal life. Well shit, I sometimes talk about my personal life but not in the sense of the personal life. Does anyone know what in the hell this blog thing is about.

If you look on Sasha Grey’s twitter page she has posted a sneak peak at herself dressed as Wonder Woman. Does that mean she will turn to the super hero genre for her next film? Doesn’t she make like 300 films a year anyway. If she does make 300 films a year, how does she have time to twitter? Do you think if we look closely at her next skin flick we might see her twittering as she is moaning “bang me hard with your cock big boy, bang me hard”. She is talented but can she suck and twitter at the same time. If she is going to play Wonder Woman can we speculate what the name of the movie might be?kim-kardashian-wonder-womanLaura Prepon

Wonder Sucking, no doesn’t do it for me. How about Wonder Woman does Dallas? I think that might have been done before actually. How about I Wonder if that is a Woman sucking my Wand? Shit, that sounds like a gay porn movie. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just don’t fly that way. Wonder Woman can’t fly anyway. She has that see through jet but she can’t fly on her own. I wonder if we would get to see Sasha Grey screwing on the invisible jet. Now that would be cool and cheap. How much can an invisible jet cost?

meganfoxwonderwomannormal_olivia-munn-wonder-womanI say yes to Sasha. I still like Megan Fox as the Wonder Woman for mainstream but I think she would feel it to lame of a part for her ego. She is elevating her status to unattainable lately. Seems like she is pissing off almost as many people as Kanye West, who as I stated earlier, is a complete and utter asshole. It is good to see everyone agreeing and condemning the piece of shit for what he did to Taylor West. Too bad that Wonder Woman was not at the VMA’s. She would have definitely kicked his ass. Taylor just looked awe struck that somebody would be that big of a dick.

I guess the only one used to seeing dicks that big is Sasha herself. Damn, it is like coming full circle. Keep the stream flowing I say. I can keep this up all day. Well not literally but you know what I mean.tiffany_fallon_playboyTyra Banks

Check out Sasha’s twitter page and throw out some suggestions. I can’t think of anything great. Let me know as well if you are up for it. We can have a name that Sasha Grey Wonder Woman movie contest. Winner will get a couple of silver bracelets and get to be tied up with a magic lasso. I would be scared being tied up by Sasha Grey though. There is no telling what in the hell that woman would do to you and I am the sensitive type.wonderwoman


  1. sachin says:

    ilove you

  2. Sunt un amant atat de bun, pentru ca exersez foarte mult singur. Woody Allen


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